Learn how Vega-Gate was inspired by a Bank Vault.
Welcome to Vega-Gate, Cloud based Authentication and Authorization.
  • Data Security

    Data Security Games, Accounting, Customer Management Systems, all of these and much more have one thing in common. The information they make available must be controlled to ensure the right information is available to the right person at the right time.

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  • Authentication

    Authentication Authentication is simply ensuring that who a user claims to be is actually who the user is. Through authentication we verify the identity of a user who attampts access to secured information.

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  • Authorization

    Authorization Once a person is authenticated the process of security is not over. Now that we have confidence of who the user is, the security system must answer the questions; What assets does the user have access to and at what permission level?

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  • Vega Gate Service by Vega Discoveries

    Vega Gate is a service offering of Vega Discoveries, LLC.

    For more information about Vega Gate, please call or Email:
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  • Like a Bank Vault

    Read more about how Vega Gate is like a bank vault.

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